Recruiting top talent can be very time consuming, costly, and cumbersome. However, we at Bioinnovat understand the importance of rigorous data analysis and large candidate data base that can simplify and facilitate the recruitment process while alleviating risk.

Out expertise and high quality services, offered to a wide variety of organizations, over these years have enabled us to gain their trust. As a result of which, our opinion and input on senior leadership trends, and the impact it will have on their businesses is held in the highest regard in the industry. Our search professionals:

  • Understand the opportunities available in your organization
  • Dedicated analysts use customized search engine on company database of over 6000 candidates along with refrerrals and own professional network.
  • Negotiations and closure of the recruitment process is taken care of
  • Follow-up/ Feedback is taken. In case of attrition within 6 months, a replacement is provided

Why Bioinnovat

  • Ongoing dialogue with over 25000 biopharmaceutical employees
  • Customer focused recruitment. Staff regularly trained to understand organizational needs and identify solutions
  • Complete confidentiality of customer data
  • Highly qualified professionals use their deep industry knowedge to find the right candidate for your organization.

Contract/ Clinical Staffing

Bioinnovat routinely provides contract staff to some of the industry’s leading firms tailored to suit their needs and requirements. It aims to create a positive experience for its clients by making the experience of recruiting candidates hassle free.

We have more than 200,000 candidates to rapidly staff programs with experience across a wide variety of therapeutic categories, including oncology, cardiovascular, pain, neuroscience, and infectious diseases/vaccines.

Our process for hiring is the best in the business. We carefully screen applicants, which includes steps for an education and employment verification, background checks, comprehensive skills assessment.

Our typical process consists of the following steps:

  • Bridge staffing needs for short to indeterminate time periods
  • Contracts offered can be time and/or task oriented an dfor individuals or teams
  • Several options offered which include:
  • Temporary staff on client payroll
  • Staff on Bioinnovat payroll, located in sponsor office or home
  • Staff on Bioinnovat payroll located in Bioinnovat premises
  • Mentoring, training and supervision of insourced staff
  • Sponsor can convert to permanent headcount at anytime
  • Functional process outsourcing

Why Bioinnovat

  • Experienced and dependable
  • Proactive and responsive
  • Access to large pool of contract and temporary workers through education portal, referral system and own network
  • Customized search engine with large database of over 9000 staff in clinical research, 750 investigators increasing at the rate of 190 every month.
  • Regular mentoring, training and supervision of in-sourced employees
  • Quick replacement, support transition to permanent headcount.
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